Monday, February 6, 2012


Dear reader,

I am Jari Laakso, a Finnish citizen living in Cluj-Napoca, Romania since July 2007. I have been to Romania a few times before 2007, but more about those stories later in another post.

I am married, I am a soon-to-be a father (update: today is 4th of April 2012 and there are 5 weeks left to public release), I have experience for example from embedded software, desktop software and web software development, but moreover, I am obsessed with testing. This blog will be focused on software testing; mainly in web services and applications, but might sometimes touch base with embedded, desktop or mobile software testing.

I’ve worked in various roles with many companies and I feel I should share my experiences with other people. I also believe by writing down my thoughts, I will process them more thorough and get good insights from the comments of my readers.

I am currently working at Cybercom Romania, part of Cybercom Group ( If not otherwise stated, all opinions in this blog are mine and don't represent the opinions of my employer. However, in case you (or someone you know) want to have collaboration with Cybercom, I will be happy to assist on finding the right contacts. If you are interested to work with undersigned alone, send me and e-mail and we can discuss in more details. I try to provide also free assistance because I  think tester should share information, work together and unite their skills.

I’d like to note here already that *everything* is contextual and there are no general truths. (Not even the previous sentence is a general truth.) However, sometimes I might either troll in my posts, simplify things in order to make analogies/examples, or just write bad. In all those cases your comments are most welcome.

I have not yet created any policy on the commenting of the posts. If there will be need for such a thing, I will consider it later. As for now, I don't want to restrict anyone from any kinds of comments.

Have a fantastic year!


  1. Welcome to blogging world. I am glad to see you here my dear friend. Looking forward for more and more coolest blog posts from you. I wish you and your readers for the great learning.

    -- Santhosh Tuppad

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the wishes! I hope to have enough time to keep writing posts. I have a looooong list of topics already. :-)

    Looking forward to see something new from you also!

    Best regards,

  3. Hey thanks Parimala!

    Looking forward to start being more productive on this side. :-)

    Best regards,